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Dear Children, Teenagers and Parents

It is the purpose of the medical team of our practice to offer all patients (from newborn to the 18th year) an individual medical care according to the latest scientific knowledge. In our practice Doktor Gordanshekan speaks english fluently.

We would like to ask you to bring the following documents to the consultation:

  • The health insurance card or a certificate from the “Sozialamt” (required once every 3 months)

  • The vaccination card

  • The yellow book ("Kinder-Untersuchungsheft")

  • Medical files from previous doctor visits

Our doctors are able to communicate with you in English language. But if further communication is needed, we would kindly recommend that you arrange an interpreter.

We provide for the following medical care:

Diagnostic investigation

  • Ultrasound examination of kidney, hip, brain and abdomen

  • Lung function testing

  • Urine test

  • Test for streptococcal detection

  • Eyesight test

  • Audiometry

  • Allergy test (blood and skin test)

  • Blood examination

  • Electrocardiogram

  • Language developmental test

  • Intelligence test

  • Psychomotor developmental studies

  • Physical examination for career entry

Therapeutic care

  • Pediatric medical assistance of newborn, children and adolescents up to 18 years

  • Preventive medical examination of children U2 to U11 and adolescents J1 to J2

  • Vaccination of children, adolescents and parents

  • Asthma therapy and disease management

  • Allergy immunotherapy (hyposensitization)

  • Psychosomatic care

  • Social pediatrics care

  • Rehabilitation program

  • Treatment of patients with atopic dermatitis and food allergies

  • Small surgical interventions (for example wound care, burns, abscesses, boil, whitlow, ingrown toenails, removal of foreign bodies)

Medical counseling

  • Vaccination guidance

  • Nutrition consultation

  • Consultation for weight balancing

  • Counseling regarding physical exercise




Additional services
Our pediatric practice also provides services, which are not covered by the public health insurance. Unfortunately, these must therefore be paid by each patient. These services include:


  • Medical examination for sporting activities

  • Initial examination for Kindergarten (pre-school)

  • Medical travel advice and travel vaccinations

  • Medical reports

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